Put our engineering and process experience to work for you. Let us help you create pad designs that will delight your customers and help to control your costs.

First, we’ll custom formulate your urethane foam chemistry to achieve the precise form, density, firmness and responsiveness required in your back-up pad application.

Then, we’ll apply our extensive back-up pad development experience to help you further engineer your pad to optimize manufacturing efficiencies.

Though flexible to suit your needs, our total development process typically involves the following:

  • Design review, when our engineers make design change recommendations to facilitate manufacture and/or reduce cost.
  • Quoting prototype tooling costs.
  • Generating R&D prototype samples generated in our lab for you to review.
  • Design review phase II, modifying the design as necessary based on prototype results.
  • Quoting production tooling and piece price.
  • Final approval of product specifications and packaging standards.
  • Tooling manufacture.
  • Production in a “lean manufacturing” environment.
  • And when you’re ready to begin production, you can count on us, the partner who has been with you from the very start.